In Honor and Blood Samir Abdel-Aziz

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64 pages


In Honor and Blood  by  Samir Abdel-Aziz

In Honor and Blood by Samir Abdel-Aziz
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Derafyall: the shining city of Nordurlund, and the center of power for the giant race of the Reesyk people. It is a place where humans, Aelfir, and szzah are all welcome. It is a place where honor, courage, and heroism are traits valued above all others- a place where legends are born and celebrated for all time. The Reesyk: a noble race in the world of Temalaus, and the most open-minded and tolerant people in the world.

They are a people who honor the heroes of the past, celebrate the heroes of the present, and dream of what heroes may come in the future.This is the story of Eirik Lilyasen: a half-human, half-Reesyk warrior whose dreams are as large as any full-blooded Reesyk. The stepson of Byörnsteinn Nordurbersen, Eirik’s dream is to join those Reesyk warriors in the annals of legend, and to show he is as much Reesyk as any who have come before. He quickly learns, however, that the evils of intolerance, hate, and ignorance exist everywhere, even among the Reesyk.

Half-breeds seeking such status are already exceedingly rare, and Eirik’s dream threatens to be crushed by the deadly actions of his own family as he battles for equality among the supposedly noble race. With his own full-blooded Reesyk brothers arrayed against him, how can Eirik hope to prevail and take his place among the Reesyk warriors of legend?“In Honor and Blood” is a prequel tale of the upcoming high fantasy series “The Dragon’s Passage,” and offers insight into one of the main characters of that series in this novella filled with adventure, companionship, honor, and seeded with intrigue.

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